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You Know How When You Close Your Eyes And Rub Them You See Crazy Stuff?

I like it when all of a sudden something I’ve always been aware but never talked about is made into a window installation. Need I say
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The White Glove

More info at:
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Coming to an address near me…

A silver-cover board book by Tom Gauld.
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More thought-provoking content for the interested. The author points this not only at organizations, but designers as well. Good to mull over, and you can skip the first paragraph (the second is plenty long and potent).
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Light/Dark Reading

Open publication - Free publishing - More background
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Hot off the press! Single Stereo designed the whole thing and provided the architectural photography.
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Although I shy away from Photoshop tinkering (and lists containing said output), these images are actually pretty excellent.
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Lensbaby, Lens!

There’s something all together awesome about a camera lens that doesn’t want to be just a lens. These babies are on my wish list. BTW, these were used to shoot the “Last Day Dream” video below.
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CUDO indeed

Are you a designer/creative-type person living in Champaign-Urbana? Join the CUDO and support the local design community!
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brevity. levity. repetition. powerful.

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo. The baseball shot kills me. What I remember most of little league are the balls I missed, not the ones I caught.
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