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Stills the one.

Rad Content meets Rad Design. Go here now.
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Type Dimension

Realizing type doesn’t have to be flat or exist solely on the computer is the typographic lesson for today. Check out the Letter-Box-Kite for some lofty letter-spacing.
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My Own Venn

I created this Venn Diagram for the newly-launched Computer Science website. Although I had no idea what the new site looked like when I did this, it integrates amazing well (imho).
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Art for Obama

Open publication - Free publishing - More usa
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Type Personality

This is a good introduction to the rather excellent site, I Love Typography. Subscribe to their e-mails now.
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Folder Type from Emilio Gomariz on Vimeo.
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  • The Stereographic is Post Happy

    Hi. Thanks for stopping by. Things are just getting started here, but if you want to learn more about me and my studio, cruise on over to Single Stereo.