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Carousel Familiar

A nice set of carousels doing what they do best: spinning. My shot of the same Santa Cruz carousel is below.
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Keep Drawing

You never know when you might need to sketch, say, Temple Hoyne Buell Hall at the University of Illinois.
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Drop what you’re doing…

…and check out these caps. Jessica Hische has a new fan today: me. Also amazing is her illustration work!
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Staring into all their…

Excitement is building in the world all around for the October release of the Eggers/Jones Where the Wild Things Are: Terrible Yellow Eyes (really amazing work here) We Love You So (Jones thing) Fur Covered Book (Eggers thing) Script (for staging your own production)
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Art for Obama

Open publication - Free publishing - More usa
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You Know How When You Close Your Eyes And Rub Them You See Crazy Stuff?

I like it when all of a sudden something I’ve always been aware but never talked about is made into a window installation. Need I say
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Big Love for The Small Stakes

Jason Munn has such a clever aesthetic, it’s difficult for me to not look at his posters every day.
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