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The beauty of data visualization

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Project33 (sans third)

Another GREAT resource of charming artifacts from the past. All the logotypes and variations they use to advertise STEREO sound makes me happy.
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Design by Francesco Franchi

As a practicing infographic designer, I’m humbled and inspired by the work of Franchi. Best find of the year.
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If a Woodtyper Would Type Wood

Fantastic resource for the type inclined. Basically, the source material that inspired the works in New Vintage Type.
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Drop what you’re doing…

…and check out these caps. Jessica Hische has a new fan today: me. Also amazing is her illustration work!
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I Am Always Inspired by IAAH

The combination of Nessim Higson’s incredibly visual/tactile style and his always-unique sites makes discovering his work an experience — not another thumbnail-clicking exercise.
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More thought-provoking content for the interested. The author points this not only at organizations, but designers as well. Good to mull over, and you can skip the first paragraph (the second is plenty long and potent).
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Big Love for The Small Stakes

Jason Munn has such a clever aesthetic, it’s difficult for me to not look at his posters every day.
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